News from our members, our partners, and key stories surrounding the Australia-China relationship.

【活动预告】秋季跨商会酒会 | Upcoming Event: InterChamber Autumn Mixer

On Thursday the 5th of November, 2020, the InterChamber Autumn Mixer will be held at The Temple House. This event is co-organised by: AustCham, BritCham, SingCham, European Chamber, German Chamber, AmCham, Italy Chamber, CCI France Chine and Hongkong Chamber.

New member新会员|The City Football Group 城市足球集团

成立于2013年5月,是全球领先的足球俱乐部私人所有者和经营者。城市足球集团在全球拥有众多足球相关业务,包括顶尖的职业足球俱乐部、学院、技术支持和营销公司。集团在全球主要城市拥有9家俱乐部的全部或部分所有权,其中控股的俱乐部包括英国英超曼城足球俱乐部(Manchester City FC)、澳大利亚墨尔本城足球俱乐部(Melbourne City FC)和美国纽约城足球俱乐部(New York City Football Club)

欢迎新会员:成都协信中心希尔顿酒店 | Welcome New Member: Hilton Chengdu Chenghua

Boasting an excellent location, Hilton Chengdu Chenghua provides the ultimate in convenience. Our modern hotel evokes the essence of Chengdu culture, with 298 tastefully appointed guest rooms, 4 exceptional restaurants and bars, ample meeting space and abundant leisure options.

考拉社区”职场人士和企业家的社交下午茶 “Koala Community”Afternoon Tea for Professional Networking

Professional Networking Afternoon Tea “职场人士社交下午茶”活动
Presented by: AustCham West China x ACYPI x SIAA x Australian Consulate x ACAA x Pegasus

欢迎新会员:铁鱼置业 | Welcome New Member: Ironfish

      欢迎澳大利亚商会华西新会员-铁鱼置业! Welcome the new member of AustCham West China- Ironfish! 铁鱼置业 Ironfish 在亚太集团,我们的使命是通过科学的投资组合来帮助客户实现长期的财务健康。作为在澳大利亚和中国10个城市拥有多家分公司的行业领袖,我们引领新手投资者进入房产市场,并帮助有经验的投资者获得高质量的投资机会和服务。 At Ironfish, it’s our mission to help our customers achieve long-term financial wellbeing through smart portfolio investing. As an industry leader, with offices in 10 cities across Australia and China, we help new investors navigate their way into the …

【商会活动】火锅社交晚餐会华丽回归 | Event: Hot Pot Social Mixer is COMING BACK!

Join AustCham West China for our vibrant and delicious Hot Pot Night in September! Meet the extended AustCham West China community over spicy hot pot in an informal atmosphere with great companies and fine craft beer provided by our member Sichuan Cohesion Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. 中国澳大利亚商会华西诚挚地邀请您参加”火锅社交晚餐会”, 在四川火锅麻辣鲜香的美味与由四川宽行进出口贸易有限公司提供的精酿啤酒中与我们的会员以及来自各行业的商务精英亲切交流。 Price: 150 RMB for members, 200 RMB for …

欢迎新会员:四川宽行进出口贸易有限公司 | Welcome New Member: Cohesion

Sichuan Cohesion Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. 四川宽行进出口贸易有限公司 Sichuan Cohesion Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the import of quality goods. The name of our company is taken from Zuo Zongtang’s famous saying: “Make the best wishes, tie the middle fate, and enjoy the lower blessings; choose the high place …

澳大利亚需重建与中国的关系Australia must rebuild its relationship with China

中国澳大利亚商会华西总经理习克礼(Kyri Theos)于近期在香港南华早报发表题为“澳大利亚需重新建立与中国的关系”的文章

Austcham West China General Manager Kyri Theos had an opinion article featured in the South China Morning Post this week titled “Australia must rebuild its relationship with China”.

AustCham COVID-19 Impact Report – July 2020

AustCham COVID-19 Impact Report – July 2020 AustCham China is proud to release the July 2020 AustCham COVID-19 Impact Report. This is our second COVID-19 Impact Report, and the first to be informed by our new Flash Survey Series. These surveys and reports are used in conjunction with our previous Doing Business in China Reports …