Located in McLaren Vale, South Australia, Gemtree Winery has grown and made high quality, certified organic and wines for over 30 years.

Gemtree is a family owned winery that has over 306 acres certified vineyards in the McLaren Flat, SA. Gemtree earned full organic certification in 2011 due to their non-use of chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. Instead, Gemtree use biodynamic practice to manage our vineyards, cow manure and compost as a natural fertilizer and natural ground quartz to make help with fungal resistance. These sustainable methods have resulted in Gemtree’s premium to high premium status as a winery, and their prices reflect this.

Their ‘healthy soil equalsa healthy ecosystem’ philosophy creates certified organic and biodynamic wines, which reflect the true characteristics of each grape variety and Terra. This premium quality wine company focuses on biodynamic farming, which not only improves the flavour of the fruit, but enriches the soil and environment around it. The process of innovation at Gemtree never stops, and they are always looking for new, organic methods to produce wines as pure and as elegant as possible.

The husband and wife team of Mike (Managing director and Chief Winemaker) and Melissa Brown (Viticulturist) understand that their organic methods not only benefit the surrounding biodiversity, but also ensure that the land is in better condition than when they started. Together, they have built an innovative, sustainable, and successful winery that will last for generations.

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