Commonwealth Christmas Dinner Chongqing

Last Friday, 13th December, the Commonwealth Christmas Dinner Chongqing was held at the Crown Plaza Chongqing. Guests came for a night of celebration in the spirit of friendship and community.


This event was hosted by AustCham West China, BritCham Southwest China, and supported by Canadian Consulate. The British Consul-General, Cecille Elbeleidi and Deputy Consul Daniel Rothberg, the Chongqing Relations Manager of Australian Consulate-General Chengdu, Karen Huang were also invited to the dinner. 

此次活动由中国澳大利亚商会-华西与中国西南英商会主办,加拿大驻重庆总领馆协办。活动还邀请到了英国重庆总领事艾佩诗(Cecille Elbeleidi),副总领事陆式博(Daniel Rothberg)和澳大利亚驻成都总领馆重庆关系经理Karen Huang。

During the dinner, guests enjoyed delicious Christmas dishes and interacted with old and new friends with the Christmas carol. At the end of the dinner, the atmosphere reached the peak when the winners of the lucky draw prizes were announced.



Speical Thanks to Crown Plaza Chongqing to support our event