2019 Chongqing Autumn InterChamber Mixer

On November 24th, the “2019 Chongqing Autumn InterChamber Mixer” was held in Crowne Plaza, Chongqing. This event was organised by AustCham – West China along with chambers of commerce from Britain, America, Europe, Germany, France and Italy. 


The InterChamber Mixer is aimed at connecting people from different fields and organisations, providing attendees the ability to socialise and share business interests. 商会酒会的目的是在于将个商会的会员连接起来,将不同行业领域的精英聚集在一起共同分享经验碰撞想法。

AustCham – West China would like to sincerely thank the Crowne Plaza Chongqing and cooperating chambers of commerce for their support and for all those who joined in the event.