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圣捷出国是成都圣捷经济文化发展有限公司的简称,圣捷出国创建于 2001 年,是中国公安部核准的因私出入境中介(许可证编号:川公境准 字[2017]4953 号)。圣捷出国的业务涵盖移民投资、留学深造、签证代办 及境外接待安排等服务,是目前四川省范围内资历最深、专业能力最强 的出国服务机构。

CDAPEX is the short name of Chengdu Apex Economic & Cultural Development Co. Ltd. Established in 2001, CDAPEX is a quality entry & exit service provider for Chinese citizens accredited by Ministry of Public Security of China (Accreditation number is CHUAN-GONG-JING-ZHUN-ZI [2017]4953 ). CDAPEX’s business scope covers Investment & Migration, Study abroad, Visa application assistance and tailored overseas reception service. CDAPEX is the service provider with longest operation history and strongest professional capability in Sichuan Province

圣捷出国同时是澳商会西部商会委员会的委员单位、四川省出入境服务 行业协会的理事副会长单位。

CDAPEX’s Steven Guo is also a committee member of the 2017-18 Board of Austcham West China, and Vice Director of Sichuan Industrial Association for Public Entry & Exit Service.

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1. 建议关注的服务项目Recommended Programs

a) 中澳1+2合作办学项目:创建于2002年,在四川大学完成澳大利 亚的大学一年级课程后,前往澳大利亚大学继续深造 2 年,即可 获得澳大利亚名校本科文凭。
Sino-Australia 1+2 Joint Bachelor Program: Started in year 2001, students can complete the first year of Australian Bachelor education in Sichuan University, then continue to study the 2nd and the 3rd year in Australia, finally awarded with Bachelor Degree by Australian leading universities.

b) 澳大利亚移民及投资服务:通过澳大利亚持牌移民顾问的专业服 务,提供全系列的澳大利亚移民咨询及代办服务,包括但不局限 于 188 系列(A\B\C\D\E),132 系列(A/B),雇主提名系列等
Service on Migrating & Investing into Australia: Our accredited MARA agent provide full range quality professional service in the areas of migration and related services, including but not limited to subclass 188 visas (A\B\C\D\E), subclass 132 visas (A\B) and Employer Nomination Migration Program.

2. 圣捷出国荣誉榜Awards of CDAPEX


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