Member Intro | AoHua Interactive

AoHua Interactive focuses on business connections between China and Australia.

“We offer professional new media services, such as helping Australian companies expand into overseas markets. We hope to achieve win-win results with more partners.” AoHua Interactive, which was founded less than a year ago, is the latest member of AustCham West China. Their new media platform “Aulifemode” has more than 1,500,000 followers on various platforms, such as WeChat, Xiaohongshu. For half a year, AoHua has been active in the China-Australia relationship.

Mr. Liu Cheng (Andy Liu) is this company founder and CEO. “Our team members are from well-known internet companies and media such as Tencent, the Daily Economic News, etc. We are experienced in new media and communication.” Looking ahead, Andy Liu stresses. “We focus on the business connections between China and Australia, and we focus on providing services in new media areas.”

Mr. Liu Cheng previously worked at Sichuan Daily Newspaper group for 17 years. He has rich media and entrepreneurial experience. At the same time, he is also the Vice President of the New Media Communication and Art Academy of Sichuan University of Media and Communications.

AoHua Interactive supports services to Australian companies, like media promotion, brand PR, WeChat generation operations, case planning, channel expanding, internet product development. But beyond that, the company is tailoring to the specific needs.

AoHua Interactive has established a cooperative relationship with Victorian olive oil and Queensland beef companies, and has conducted various forms of cooperation for Sichuan and Australia-related enterprises.

AoHua Interactive have two new media platforms: Aulifemode and Auview.

Aulifemode: This media evaluates and acts as a shopping guide platform to provide professional guidance to users for making right choice and decision.

Auview: Focuses on China-Australia important trade policy tendencies, core enterprises, business celebrities and opportunities between the two countries. Hunting and seizing new business opportunities.

AoHua Interactive effectively complements the membership of AustCham West China. We believe, with our senior media and professional media team, AustCham West China will continue to flourish.


刘诚Andy Liu是这家公司的创始人、CEO。“我们公司的团队成员来自腾讯、每日经济新闻,在新媒体领域做了大量的尝试,有一定的研究和深入的实践。”谈到未来的发展,Andy Liu特别强调专注,“我们专注于澳大利亚与中国的商业连接;另外就是,我们专注于在新媒体领域提供服务。”今年5月,刘诚Andy Liu离开工作17年的四川日报报业集团,开启创业之路。他有着丰富的媒体经验和创业经历,同时也是四川传媒学院新媒体传播与艺术研究院副院长。